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The Vegetarian (Vegan) renounces all products of animal origin (eggs, milk, honey, cheese), precisely because he knows that the human body is suitable for taking and digesting vegetable products and, if he does not, in the long run he will suffer strong damage. The term Vegetaliano derives from the Latin Vegetalis, meaning "belonging to the vegetable kingdom". Many peoples and tribes around the world are Vegan and live long and disease free.

If you like sweets and don't know what to prepare when you feel like something good, this vegan cooking class is perfect: a series of delicious recipes for desserts will be offered that will surprise the participants for the use of innovative ingredients and combinations, as well as than for the exceptional goodness.

The recipes:

Based on seasonality

Course duration: 3 / 3.5 hours

Cost: chf 85.-

Minimum participants: 6 people

Place: Minusio

Date to be agreed

Contact: 079 501 66 23 or

Tips: bring apron, containers and electric whisk

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