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Special cakes

In this course we will prepare recipes with special ingredients ... that you may never have thought could be combined with something sweet.

..... you will experiment with well-tested recipes ... and you will look at these ingredients with different eyes, let yourself be carried away by the imagination.


The recipes:

Based on seasonality

Some examples:

Cocoa cake with an ingredient you would never imagine ..... maybe

Brownies with a fruit you've been eating as a sauce so far ..... maybe

Chocolate cake and a vegetable you often eat on the grill ..... maybe

Well there are others, let yourself be surprised

Course duration: 3 / 3.5 hours

Cost: chf 85.-

Minimum participants: 6 people

Place: Minusio

Date to be agreed

Contact: 079 501 66 23 or

Tips: Bring apron, containers and electric whisk

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