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Refined sugar is a food that you need to pay close attention to. If taken excessively it can lead to diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Conscious consumption is the basis of a healthy and balanced diet. In fact, we cannot control the sugar content in industrial preparations such as bread, pasta, sauces, sausages and sweets, fruit and cereals, but we can however pay attention to what we add at home in the preparation of our dishes. Let's see how to replace it in the kitchen with healthier alternatives.



There are many alternatives to refined sugar in the kitchen such as raw sugar that we will not consider. Often, in fact, behind this wording, the normal sugar is hidden without the use of whiteners which is brown just like the raw one.
Honey :

in herbal teas, in tea, in our drinks and even in desserts we can add honey instead of sugar. Amber nectar exists in various qualities from the sweetest to the most sour. And it's a 100% natural product
Maple syrup :

It is obtained by boiling the sap of the sugar maple and black maple, as well as honey is a valid alternative to sugar in sweets and drinks.
Fructose :

it comes from honey and fruits and is commonly found on the market in the form of white crystals. We can use it in coffee and sweets and in all drinks.
Agave syrup :

It is obtained from the concentrated juice of the root of the agave plant. Compared to the others it is the least natural product as it is treated during processing. It has a lower glycemic impact than sugar and honey. It is commonly found in organic shops, rarely in supermarkets.
Stevia :

it is a plant native to South America, it has a sweetening power higher than that of sugar, it has a licorice aftertaste that does not hurt in sweet preparations and can also be used in the kitchen for drinks. One fresh leaf or half a teaspoon of stevia powder equals one tablespoon of sugar.
Barley, wheat corn and rice malt :

Malt comes from the germination of various cereals. The most common malts are that of barley, very suitable for the preparation of ice cream and drinks, that of rice with an intense flavor and that of corn, ideal for cakes and biscuits. They are found in organic shops and rarely in supermarkets. To have the same sweetening power of sugar from the various types of malt, you need to add almost double the dose (replace a teaspoon of sugar with one and a half of malt)
Dates and bananas :

they can be used instead of sugar in desserts and dates are excellent for removing acidity from sauces. They are widely used in vegan and raw food cuisine
Molasses: it is mainly used in the Nordic tradition. It is found in the form of syrup in many organic shops and, having a spicy taste, it is particularly suitable for sweetening sweets and biscuits.


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