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White flour is present everywhere in our diet: bread, pasta, sweets and baked goods contain it. The need to find alternatives arises from the fact that the process that leads from the wheat grain to the flour eliminates the germs, rich in amino acids, fatty acids, mineral salts, B vitamins and vitamins E and the fiber-rich bran, leaving only the richest part of gluten and sugars. Gluten intolerances are on the rise and, in addition to refining, the flours also undergo chemical bleaching to make them become white with nitric oxide and chlorine which also acts as a preservative.



Here are all the sustainable alternatives to partially or totally replace white flour

Wholemeal flour :

it is a wheat flour with no bran removed, rich in fiber, it can be used in all culinary preparations, both sweet and savory
Rye flour :

it is particularly suitable for preparing bread which takes on a darker appearance and for desserts which give a rustic look
Corn flour :

it is the flour we use to prepare polenta, it exists in white and yellow versions
Rice flour :

it is a flour obtained from rice, very rich in starch and very digestible
Kamut flour :

it is found mainly in organic shops and is much more nutritious and rich than white flour
Soy flour :

obtained from the grinding of toasted soybeans, it is a variety of flour rich in protein and fiber
Almond flour :

this flour is obtained from toasted almonds and is very tasty if used to make cakes and bread, giving that delicate almond flavor to all preparations. There is also hazelnut flour with the same characteristics but more difficult to find
Chestnut flour :

chestnut flour is used in typical autumn sweets but is very valid in all types of desserts in the kitchen as an alternative to white flour
Carrot flour :

carrot flour would be a great healthy, genuine and very sustainable substitute but still has a very high price and is rarely found in stores
Oat, barley and spelled flour :

they are excellent alternatives for all preparations, bread, pizza, desserts and soups, they are cheap and easy to find
Chickpea flour :

it is one of the best known and used for both farinata and panelle and is excellent for making bread, pizzas and focaccia, for breading vegetables and for making pancakes
Legume flour :

it is obtained from broad beans, beans, lentils and other legumes and is excellent in the preparation of bread
Potato starch :

it is a flour obtained from potato starch and can be used to partially replace white flour
Maizena :

it is corn starch and can be a partial substitute for white flour, usually used to soften sweets


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